adding paint to plaster?


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Holly Owen
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Question adding paint to plaster?

Ok here is the Question .. When mixing up the dry plaster can I add latex paint to it? In addition to the water.
and If I can't. WHY?
I'm skim coating a texture and will be sealing it with a paint wash.
Thank You!
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Hello Holly,

Welcome to the forums. I can't speak as to plaster, but with drywall mud, (joint compound) you can add primer in lieu of water to thin & mix the mud. Now both the paint & mud manufacturers will definitely tell you this is not an acceptable procedure, but I have been doing this for yrs with the pre-mixed joint compound. Never tried it with the powdered setting compound, commonly known as quick set mud, but that is usually only used for prefilling and for small repairs.

Tightcoat and some of the other experts that do more plaster work than me might be able to give you a better feel for using paint in with the plaster. Good luck.
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USG markets a system they call Decorative Interior Finish (I think that is the name). Anyway it is Diamond finish plaster with color added when it is mixed. Paint colorants are used. I think to add latex paint might cause something bad to happen either to strength or workability of the material or both. I've never tried it but to add colors to finish plaster had been happening for years. About 40 years ago my dad built the house he and Mom live in. All of the walls and most of the lids were colored plaster. They have since been painted but it lasted several years before needing painting.
Try then search around for decorative plaster and you should find what I mentioned above. To sumnmarize the paint might not be such a good idea but there are certainly ways to color plaster.
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Thanks for the assist there Tightcoat, knew there had to be someone with more plastering kowledge than me around. Plaster just isn't too popular in my neck of the woods and rarely do I get an opportunity to put any new plaster up, which is exactly the opposite of how things were when I was a kid helping my granddad, back then most folks wouldn't hear of having sheetrock hung on their walls.

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