Help! Wrinkles in Drywall


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Help! Wrinkles in Drywall

Help! My bathroom wall has wrinkles!

The back story: I removed wallpaper (two layers; earliest applied I think in 1981) from my bathroom walls. One one short wall and part of the adjoining wall, the wallpaper did not come off well, and tore holes in the drywall. In addition, all of the drywall on these two areas were fuzzy. I used my scraper to remove as much of the fuzz as possible.

We then applied joint compound to the walls. Immediately, several places started to wrinkle, just like wet paper does. When it dried, the wrinkles dried on my walls. I was pretty sure the same result would occur, but I sanded a small area and tried again to mud it, and, sure enough, it wrinkled again.

My husband suggested cutting out the wrinkled sections and remudding those holes. Do you think that would work? Any other suggestions?
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Zinsser makes a product that I think is called Gardz, if memory serves correctly that will prevent the blistering when the mud is applied over the old wallpaper residue. It's available thru large chains like wally-world or at your local paint dealer. You could also try doing as your husband suggested & cut out the brown paper ("fuzzy") area & then apply mud over them to smooth things out, it's probably worth a try anyway.
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Cut the wrinkled paper off, apply the Zinser product or KILZ, let it dry, sand any lifted edges and apply joint compound . Either product acts as a sealer.
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I would cut the bad out seal it with "bin by zinsser" in the spray can . sand it, seal it again, and procede as described above."Gotta love the bin". This stuff dries fast and really seals the edges.

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