bare sheetrock crossroads


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bare sheetrock crossroads

Hi all,

I went into this bathroom remodeling project pretty much a loose cannon not having any experience in this. Fortunately i stumbled across this site and saw all the problems that come up and decided to put breaks on, and get some advice from the experts.

I stripped wallpaper off walls(new house, 3.5 yrs old) which was a nightmare. My first choice was to repaint and have smooth walls, but after getting a look at the inconsistency of the sheetrock, i thought i'd go the texture route, but still prefer if possible to get walls smoothed out.

a) how difficult is it to get these walls smooth enough to paint, and how do you get started doing this?(what do i apply to walls)

b) i started to get materials to texture. I bought 'Kilz oderless oil base primer' that i was planning to apply to sheetrock. I also have Behr Interior texture paint, which i was going to roll on and then use a 6" knife to put the blade swirls/scrape texture like the display at HD. Is this right?

c) i have a painted orange peel ceiling in the same room. If i put this new texture on walls, is this Behr stuff thick enough to fill in orange peel texture on the ceiling, and apply new texture? Is this common thing to do? is having different textures in same room bad?

d) is there an easy way to remove mirror off of the sheetrock?

Many thanks for the help!
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a) Depends on how bad the walls are. Regardless you will have to skim the walls to smooth. Prime the walls first with the kilz. Will minimize blistering. Skimming takes a little bit of practice. Put on thin layers. 3 coats should do. You can sand in between coats if you want.

b) I hate texture paint. Don't do it. It wont match anything and looks bad.

c) If you go with smooth walls (which I would do ) then you can leave the orange peel on the ceiling. In a small area like a bath it two textures would look bad.

d) No. It is probably glued on. Get your worst friend over to break it off. You don't want the 7 years bad luck
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Put on the kilz. Let it dry. Sand the walls to get rid of "little hard things". Get a 5 gallon pail of lightweight joint compound. Open it[just kidding]. Mix the whole thing with a power mixer to make it smoothe. You can take out a gallon or so and do it by hand or use you mixer you have in your kitchen. You need to get it real smoothe. Start in 1 corner with a 10 or 12 " spackle knife and go from the top to the bottom and apply some compound. Clean off the knife and go over the whole thing to make it look good. and remove most of the excess. Make sure the edges are feathered to the wall. no ridge. Now move over 4 0r 5" and do the same thing all the way to the end. Youwill end up with stripes of drywall compound. Tomorrow or whenever it dries fully lightly sand and fill in where there was no compound before making sure to feather the edges. Sand that when dry and see what you have. Use your hand to see how it feels. May need to do it again or just touch-up. Sand smoothe,prime with kilz and paint your brains out. This is just another way of doing the same thing as coops28 said.You can fill in some of that orange peel ceiling the same way if you feel up to it. If the mirror doesnt come off when you lift it towards the ceiling and away from the wall it is probably put on with mastic. Look in the decorating foum and find glass and mirrors, and post there

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Thanks for the quick repsonses!

I didn't realize the can of worms i opened in my "weekend warrior" remodeling project! lol.....

I'd like to reclaim my bathroom as quickly as possible. While i'd prefer the smooth walls, i'm somewhat leery after doing some web research on skim coats... i'm not opposed to getting them to a reasonable orange peel like the rest of my house.

This is a 1/2 bath that is only 4'x4' ish in size.
Here's what my normal wall finish is:

and here's where i'm at after stripping wallpaper:

Is there anyway some kind of roller can can me reasonably close to that texture i have without renting a sprayer and all that???

Thanks for helping out the rookie.
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If it was up to me I would still skimcoat the walls, then paint. As far as the texture paint goes I never used it so I don't know if it will cover the imperfections, but it very well may. Its worth a try if your in a hurry. In the end even if it doesn't hide it all it may add that extra little something that will fascinate and intrigue all who use your john.

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