what is the best thing to do?


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what is the best thing to do?

My wife and i are remodeling our kitchen. We tore out the cabinets that were built into the plaster. I figure i won't have to do too much to that because cabinets are going right on top of it. However, there was a laminate backsplash that i removed and the plaster behind it was in poor condition. What is the best way to fix this? At most it is about 18 inches from counter to cabinet for the length of the wall. My guess is that we will tile the backsplash but i still want to know all my options and the best way to go about them.

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Probably best for you to decide what you want to do and then ask for help on how to do it. There are many options for a backsplash.
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Agreed, figure oout what the finish wall will be, then tell us what you've got to work with, & we'll tell ya how to get there.
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probably will tile the backsplash

but what should i do to the walls for:

1. The cabinets: i'm hanging them over the wall where the old ones were but the wall has a lot a holes in it from the nails.

2. tileing the backsplash: The plaster is in rough shape and i will be putting in new outlets.

3. The exposed walls: There is minimal exposed walls and these are not perfect. Teh previous owner failed to size the wall before wallpapering so when i took it off it left a lot of old glue and paper. I was able to smooth it out but there are imperfections to it and areas where there is chipped plaster.

i'm going to try and put some pictures in when i am at my computer to give you an idea of what i mean.
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just noticed

that i can't post images on this forum. If anyone thinks they can help and would offer to let me send them the pictures of the kitchen that would be great.

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