parging preparation


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Question parging preparation

I`m covering part of bricks with parging.
There is any treatment to the bricks before the parging operation ?
it`s possible to mix color in the parging?
Thank You So Much.
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Whats Parging???
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If the bricks are not painted and the wall is fairly new they should hold the material just fine. If the wall is more than a couple years old or if you live in an area of high air pollution you should power wash the bricks first. I don't think an acid etch is necessary.
If the bricks have been painted you have two choices:
One, sand blast, an expensive, dirty job.
Two, use a bonding agent. The problem with this is that the bond of the cement is only as good as the paint. If the paint is loose or questionable the plaster might not stay bonded to the wall. If the wall has been painted you should power wash before the bonding agent also.

Let us know more details and we can be of more specific help. Is this an interior wall? Exterior? Brick or concrete block?

Yes you can mix color into the parging material. If you want a light color you will need white Portland cement . If it's a pretty dark color then common Portland will work. Try a sample first and make sure that you use lime proof color. You don't know what color you have until the next day. There are some browns that make a nice purple in white cement.
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parging again...

The bricks are very old....Water paint on them as been done 2 years ago,
Agood sanding job helps? I done a little test in hided corner of the house, but is to early to say if old, i intend parging that look like stucco.
Thank for the help, sorry if i was not really clear on my previouse massage.
PS Is just the front of the house to cover those ugly painted briks that someone had the stupid idea to cover with paint the beuty of the briks.
Thanking in advance. M.

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