Un-Texturing a textured ceiling?


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Un-Texturing a textured ceiling?

I'm in the middle of a project, and I'm at a point where I need to make a decision.

I'm re-doing a room in the house and I started with the ceiling (seemed like the obvious starting point). It's an old house (circa 1773 to be exact) and there's been many repair jobs over the years. The ceiling in this room has one of those swirl pattern textured cielings... ...what appears to be someone's first attempt at this type of finish. There was an area of water damage that I scraped away down to the original plaster, which was a very labor intensive task. The underlying ceiling isn't too bad in condition, and the cause of the water damage has been fixed. I'm looking to make the ceiling smooth again and do away with the swirls. I will ultimately have to spread some type of skim coat over the entire ceiling regardless whether I scrape the entire area, so my question is, is it recommended to scrape the entire ceiling, then put down a skim coat, or can I simply feather-edge the scraped area, light sand the remaining textured area and then skim coat the entire ceiling? The remaining textured ceiling area is adheared well, so there's not a fear of what's there pulling away. Also, I was under the impression that I can sling a thinned mixture of drywall mud as the skim coat. Is this what I should be using, or is there something else on the market that spreads and sands better?

Any and all replies are greatly appreciated!

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Hi tom and welcome to the forums.

You've got the right idea on the mud, thin it down with water and use that for the skim coat. Spraying the texture down with water from a misting sprayer should soften it up and make it alot easier to scrape off the most of it. Then sand and apply the skim coat, after it dries, sand lightly coat with primer and finish paint. Good luck.

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