Patching holes in hollow bedroom doors


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Patching holes in hollow bedroom doors

I am in the process of painting all of our bedroom doors. The previous owners had make-shift child locks on the doors, so all of the doors have screw holes in them. I would like to patch them up before painting, but I am not sure what to use. Do I use wood filler, spackle, lightweight joint compound???

These are hollow doors.

Thanks for any info!
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You can use wood filler but leave enough on the surface to sand off as most wood fillers shrink. You can also use light weight Bondo automotive body filler. No shrink but for small holes it is probably not worth the trouble of mixing with the hardner and rushing around to get all the holes filled before it starts setting up. Putting the wood filler in with a toothpick will lessen the chance of trapping air in the hole that will push the filler back out. Good luck with your project.
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Yeah wood putty is what I'd use for fixing small screw holes, allow it to dry and sand lightly prior to repainting.

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