I am so fed up

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Thumbs down I am so fed up

with drywall finishing. No matter how hard I try, I either get pock marks in the mud, no matter if I pull the trial slow, mix it thoroughly, nothing.

Also, if I apply coats, one over another, I find myself putting ripples in the drywall mud where the last coat sands down easier than the existing.

I am a plumber by trade, but I am fed up with !$%@ing drywall finishing, cannot ever get a quality looking finished product no matter how hard I try.

Plumbing is so much more forgiving. Gotta figure that I am usually smashing holes in drywall to fix plumbing problems....never usually have to put it back.

Patch jobs I am fine; it is the master bath I am putting in my basement that has me teed off.

Is there a website or link that give info regarding this? I know how to tape and mud, set corner bead and the like, and don't get me wrong, my finished product is pretty darn good, but I want simplicity, not all this frustration I deal with this.
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Those pock marks are from not mixing it enough.No matter what you think you are not mixing it enough. The mud does not come ready to use.Power mixing is the best. Keep the mud clean. I usually throw out the stuff on the hawk or in the tray unless I know it is perfectly clean.Let each coat thoroughly dry before recoating. see if this helps

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You know I have the same problem if I try plumbing in my house, always complications & frustrations. Anyway, what kind of mud are you using? If you're using all-purpose, that would be your first problem, use the light mud in the blue bucket/box. Second thing, as was mentioned before, you gotta mix it very well, I use a 1/2" drill & large mixer paddle.
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i used the premix type either sheetrock brand name or the square box type
there one call west sometime come in white and green bucket dont get it it's to light and runs.
you need to mix it with a drill and mixer paddle to wake it up as we call that. to get it more managable and easy to spread..
i used this on all the seams and ceilling tape and inside corner. as for outside corner with metal corner i used durabond 90 it's a power stage you have to mix it. you mix it to the same constance as your drywall mud. but it harden as hell so make sure you dont leave any bumps or lumps for you will loose your arm in sanding. this thing is hard as diamond lol lol
hope this helps


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