help! hole in wall, what can I do?


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Angry help! hole in wall, what can I do?

I have stripped off the old wall paper in a room in my house and a small part of the wall (3" x 1") adjacent to the ceiling has fallen away. It's extremely hard for me to gain access to the gap from above so is there anything you can recommend I can do to patch up the hole directly?
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Well there are several ways to patch this up. Since it's just a 1"x3" hole, you could get away with just taping over the hole with a piece of paper tape and some quick-set compound. You could get a piece of 1"x2" and slide it up thru the hole, hold it in place & run a drywall screw thru either side of the hole into the board, then cut a plug out of drywall & screw it into place. Or you can buy a drywall patch kit at the home center, this is a piece of screen which is self-adhesive on one side, place it over the hole and stick it in place then mud over it with regular joint compound. Hope that helps a bit.
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Smile Patching is easy

As an owner of an old home with plaster walls I have gotten to be quite good at patching. The sticky web wall repair tape works well. Just cut to size and put it over the hole. Then use joint compund to cover it. Two thin coats should do it. Sand afterwards lightly to smooth it out and you are done! Another option is to try to stuff some newspaper into the hole. Then use spackle or joint compound in the space. this is a good, cheap option if you already have the spackle and don't want to go out to get the web tape.

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