Learn from my mistakes

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Learn from my mistakes

Two lessons I have learned about drywall that all newbies need to know.

1. It is very easy to oversand a taped joint. If the joint tape is applied properly, it would seem a light sanding to remove any ridges and tool marks is all that is needed when you follow advice number two.

2. Less is better. When applying joint compound for tapping, less is better. I just redid most of my taping because I used to much compound. Apply a thin coat over the joint. Be sure to fill the joint with compound. Lay the tape in place. With your taping knife clean, squeegee out the compound behind the tape. Start in the middle of the tape and drag the knife up and then down. There should now be only an ultra thin layer of compound between the wallboard and the tape. Next lay a thin coat on top of the tape. You will be able to see the tape through the compound. After it dries, sand as per important lesson 1, and apply a second coat of compound only. Use a larger taping knife for the second pass. Say a 3inch for the first and a six inch for the second. The second coat should be slightly thicker than the first. Again let dry and sand. The third coat with a 10 or 12 inch taping knife should be very thin.

I am posting this because I read a book that seemed simple enough, now that I have retaped everything, I realize that it is simple if you are dealing with flats and corners. I just hope someone else starting a drywall task for the first time can learn from my mistake.

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Thanks for that! I am getting ready to start a drywalling project and it is my very first attempt. If I'm hearing you correctly, the word of the day is THIN.

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