Skim Coat questions


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Question Skim Coat questions

I am planning on skim coating my bathroom. I stripped wallpaper in a bathroom and was able to remove it all but removed a lot of the top layer of the sheetrock as well. Previous posts recommended using Gardz under the joint compound if you have wall paper left on the walls. Since I was able to remove all of the wallpaper, is it necessary for me to use the Gardz before applying the skim coat? How is Gardz different from Kilz? Also, I have a palm sander. Can I use this to sand the walls, and, if so, what grit sand paper should I use? Finally, after sanding the walls, is it necessary or helpful to apply a primer to the walls before painting?
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If you have all the glue removed from the wall you don't need to prime before skimming unless the wall is glossy[I assume that's not so since you removed most of the finish] I would never sand drywall with a sander TOO MUCH DUST! 80 - 120 grit paper should worlk well. Also although a little trickier to use they make a sponge on a handle that wil alow you to sand with water and no dust. The better you apply the mud the easier it is to sand - 2 coats easier than 1. You definetly should use a primer before painting.
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Use the Guardz first assuming the walls are smoothe and just have gouges in them or missing paper. Then fill the gouges if they are deep or just go directly to skimcoating. marksr is right that you do not have to prime drywall before skimcoating as long as the PAPER is intact. yours is not. The edges of the paper will start to bubble for lack of a better word. Visit the website to find out what guardz is for. Kilz is basically a primer and will probably work in your case if you use the oil version. I reccomend the guardz. It's sole purpose is to fix your problem. You need one or the other.
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Go with the gardz or you'll likely end up with a blistering bubbling mess on your hands. Better to spend a little extra time and money to do it right the first time. Otherwise you'll end up like this guy

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