Cracks in corners of walls


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Cracks in corners of walls

My house is like 6-7 years old and in the rear of the house there is like a mm half of gazebo shape to part of the house it seems as if the house has settled in this spot and inside there are cracks in each 1 of the corners please see URLs below for photos, Im looking to paint the interior ASAP and would like some advice on fixing the following problems so that I can paint.


Upstairs Roof Corner
Upstairs Roof Corner 2
Upstairs Roof Wide Shot
Upstairs Close up

The molding is seperated from the roof, going to paint roof how to repair this?
Downstairs Molding seperation from wall

Down Stairs Roof Crack
Downstairs Window Corner Crack

This is a crack at the edges of the corner sheathing

Downstairs Corner Crack
Downstairs Corner Crack
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Hello and welcome aboard.

Everything I saw looked like bead cracks, except that one above the window, the sheetrocker broke a sheet on the wrong spot in the wall. That crack is running right on up to a butt joint I'll bet.

Is that part of the house on a slab? If so I don't think you have anything to be concerned about, if not let me know how its framed up, an outside pic of the area would be helpful, I need to see the bottom of the wall.

But if that's 7 yrs old sitting on a slab, the hardest part of your job will be matching that texture back up. You need to scrape the texture back at least 6"-8" on either side of each crack. Then use paper tape and a setting type joint compound, I use Eaysand45 or 90, the number is how long in minutes you have to work the mud once mixed. Scrape the texture back, and make sure there's no loose material in the cracks, bed your tape over the cracks, you should be able to let that dry 45 mins or whatever, just run a blade over it to knock any high dobbers, then apply another coat with a wider knife, allow to dry and sand smooth. spot primer, then retexture and you're ready to paint. Use some drywall screws and or some spray adhesive to stick that corner bead down, then flat tape over it just like the cracks.

There's how-to articles on drywall taping & finishing here on the site, check out
this page

Hope that helps out, keep us posted.

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