Advice to replace cinder blocks in wall


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Advice to replace cinder blocks in wall

My house is in Florida and there is a wall air conditioner unit in a bedroom that I want to remove. The wall is a cement block wall. Before I start, I would like to know what I need to do and any problems that I could encounter.

This is my plan:
Remove the a/c unit.
Knock out any cement blocks that were partially cut when the a/c was installed. I think this is needed in order to have the new blocks staggered with the old blocks for strength.
Use cement to place the new blocks into the wall.

There are some questions that I have:
What tools should I use to knock out the partial blocks and old cement?
Should I use any rebar or any other items to make the wall stronger?
Should I fill in the blocks with cement to make them stronger?
What type of cement should I use?

I would appreciate any other hints, suggestions or cautions that you may have.

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Use a brick chisel to cut the mortar and remove the partial blocks. You shouldn't need to use rebar or fill the blocks. The wall already has the strength it needs [surely the ac unit provided no support] You can use either type n or s but The job is probably small enough where the bags of ready mix mortar [sand already added] will be all you need.
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Having never done anything like this before, it is comforting to get some advice. Thanks.
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pick up a jointer to smooth the mortar joint to put the little concurve shape on it after it has set for about 1/2hr to an hour, knock off the small remnants with a hand whisp broom. This helps make a water tight joint when it is smoothed out, and help blend in with the rest of the wall.

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