Easiest plastering method


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Easiest plastering method


I wonder if someone could help me. My situation is that I have a house that has been mold mitigated and 4 feet of the plaster and lath has been ripped from the bottom half of the walls throughout half the house leaving a jagged plaster line.

Assuming that cost is not a major consideration and the end quality need be just acceptible what is the easiest way I could get a uniform plaster wall back up?

Some things that I've seen throughout this board (and some not) that occur to me:

Is there such a thing as a plaster sprayer that is capable of doing the various coats? (I've seen stucco ones but I can't imagine the finish requirements are the same)
Are there products for the DIYer to do it in one coat?
Would replacing with slightly thinner drywall and plastering over it work for such a large area?
Are there other options that I might not be considering?

Thanks. I appreciate any help you could give me.
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I think this is what will work for you. Use veneer plaster base. This is called blue board in the trade. It is 1/2' thick. I think you can get it in 5/8", too. The wood lath and plaster probably total about an inch maybe less. Use either Two Way plaster or veneer plaster base coat or maybe if the thickness is close to even you could use a one coat plaster. A little gap between the new gypsum panel and the existing wall can be filled with plaster. If it is more than an inch you might have to add some metal lath or scribe the new panel to fit.

A main trick to patching plaster is not to lap the new plaster onto the old work but to keep the old work nice and clean so that the new work ends up exactly flush with the existing.

Yes, there are machined available. You will be better off putting it on by hand.

To answer the question you don't ask in your title. The easiest plastering method is to hire a plasterer.

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