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Cool concrete ceiling

I just bought a townhouse which had a hanging kitchen ceiling which i broke down. Underneath that is concrete. I wanted to redo it by covering it with drywall and then plaster, but i was told that you don't have to use drywall, just plaster the concrete and then smooth it out. Now is this an efficient way to creating a smooth kitchen ceiling, or am i better off with using the drywall as my ceiling? also, in either case, whichever i choose, it would be my first time doing something like that, and i would like to know all the necessary tools for a job like this.
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You can indeed plaster to concrete. If the concrete is smooth you might have trouble getting a bond. Clean the concrete with an acid wash or with a good wire brushing then plaster on a very tight coat of very rich plaster maybe even neat plaster and then follow up wit a tight brown coat.
To do the job you will need something to mix plaster in and wheelbarrow works fine for small jobs
You will need a hawk and trowel and somt straightedges a darby is helpful too
Put on the bond coat then mix plaster and sand according to the directions on the bag or you could use Structolite or Gypsolite and omit the sand then straighten it and leave it slightly rough but not crooked for the finish. Finish with whitecoat or Diamond or something like it.

On second thought maybe you should hire a plasterer.
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thank you

thank you, i think i'll go ahead and hire a plasterer.

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