Gap between Drywall


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Gap between Drywall

Another renovation project underway...
I removed moulding on the stairwell, with the intent of leaving it off. (The stairwell is exposed to the living room.) However, discovered that there is a space between the drywall that goes from zero on one end to about 3/4 " on the other end. The distance is about 8 feet. Can I fill with mud or do I need to fit a small piece of dryall or should I tape and then mud? Thanks for your help.
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You should be able to prefill it with mud [let dry] and then you can tape and finish it.
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I have a two story split house where they used molding in the stairwell to cover the drywall gaps between the upstairs and main floor. They did that because if they filled the gaps, cracks always appear as the house shifts (so they told me).
I have lived here for over 20 years and have zero cracks. The molding is painted the same color as the walls so it is entirely un-noticable. I wonder if this is the purpose of the molding in your situation?
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I suspect the molding is to cover the gap. I could paint it but I am going to fill it because I do not want the interruption of the moulding.
Thanks for the advise.
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I don't like to use regular mud in this situation It is wet and could cause the paper on the drywall to do bad things. Look here at this product. It is in the depot. It sticks and dries hard and sands easy. A better choice imnotsoho.

If you use it mix it well with a butter knife and don't worry about stuff that falls on the floor=no prob. Push it all the way in with the spackle knife-overfill a little, sand 2 hrs or so later..maybe less but make sure it is dry[hard]. Very handy stuff to have around.

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