Wet sanding mud and spackle with a sponge


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Wet sanding mud and spackle with a sponge

I’ve had success wet sanding small areas (2” or 3”) with a sponge, but I don’t feel comfortable doing larger areas. Is it a matter of practice or personal preference? Is it best to dry sand larger areas?

Also, are the sanding “stones” any good? They claim the stones last longer than sandpaper and don’t clog.

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I'm not sure what you mean by 'stones', sanding screens do last longer than paper. Sanding sponges are also good for some applications.

There are some finishers that always wet sand although this practice is usually reserved for surfaces that recieve a texture. IMO dry sanding does a better, more uniform job. They do sell sponges with a handle that make wet sanding easier. Often on repair work [occupied home] it is better to wet sand because of the absense of dust.
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wet sanding?

Weird, I've never even heard of wet sanding. I didn't think you could sand while the mud is wet? Wouldn't you just be pulling it off the surface and creating a messier surface? I guess the water maybe keeps it from adhering to your sanding tool? I've only been in this game for a few years so you guys obviously know more than I do. Anyhoo, I love sanding sponges. I can't explain why, I just feel like I have much more control with them and can create a really nice flat surface. I always have about 5 in my paint gear as well as one with a 45degree on one edge for getting into corners.
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It is not a good idea to use a wet sponge on wet mud. When the mud is dry, using a wet sponge softens the mud a little and it can be smoothed out. If you are very carefull you can use a wet sponge on mud that isn't completely dry but there is always the danger of making a mess. IMO dry sanding always does the best job but wet sanding is good when you need to keep the dust down.

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