Plaster & lath wall prep


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Plaster & lath wall prep

We have a bathroom reno in progress. We removed the vanity, mirror and the walls need to be prepped for painting. Nothing major just a few small holes and rough surfaces. What is the best material to get the walls ready for me to paint. Our drywaller had suggested to use con-fill for the walls. Any other suggestions on what to use??


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As long as the plaster is still firmly bonded to lath best bet that I've found is to skim over it with quickset joint mud. I generally tape any cracks with paper tape prior to the skim coat. Other options might be to overlay the existing walls with some 3/8" drywall, and just figure on replacing all of the trim. Now if the plaster has lost it's bond to the lath, you will be miles ahead to go ahead and rip out the plaster completely and replace all with sheetrock.

You mentioned you have a drywaller, on site, he should be able to give you the best advice, as he's there looking at the situation in person.

Hope that has give you some ideas, gl w/the project.

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