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Anyone hear of a "hot patch" or "dutchman" repair?

Anyone hear of a "hot patch" or "dutchman" repair?


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Anyone hear of a "hot patch" or "dutchman" repair?

I have a hole in my drywall, I can cut this hole out so it will meet both studs on each side. Should I use tape to finish the repair cuts, or would it be easier to repair using this "dutchman" method. If I use tape, it seems to be a wider area to mud and sand. If I use the dutchman method, I would only have the end flap to feather. Has anyone ever used this dutchman method, and would it work just as well as tape? The method is explained below:

Holes up to 30 inches by 30 inches can be repaired by making a "hot patch" or "dutchman." This is a piece of drywall with a flap on each edge that will lap onto the face of the wall or ceiling you are repairing. The back of the dutchman is small enough to fit inside the hole in the wall or ceiling.

To start this type of repair, if the hole is not already a rectangle or some other regular, easily copied shape, use a keyhole saw to square it up. Use a utility knife to cut a piece of new drywall - the same thickness as the piece you are repairing - that is 4 inches larger in each dimension -- 2 inches larger on each side - than the hole you are repairing. Lay the repair piece face-down on a flat surface and transfer the dimensions of the hole to the back of it, staying roughly 2 inches, or a little more, in from the outside edge. Use a utility knife to score and cut through the back of the repair piece along the lines representing the edges of the hole. Take care not to cut through the face of the repair piece. Snap the edges of the scored piece away from the back. Clean the gypsum and the backing paper off the face paper outside the snapped lines
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It all depends on the size of the hole. Hot patches are so called because of the quick drying mud that is used which generates heat as it dries.

Although I'm unfamiliar with the term 'dutchman' [in drywall] I have used that method. I don't believe I've ever used it on a patch bigger 8-10" square. It can work real well as you are using the leftover paper in place of tape. Just be sure the back side of the paper has all gypsum removed.

Generally I wouldn't cut the hole out bigger to reach the next stud. When extra bracing [for the patch] is needed it is easiest to take a board longer than the hole, insert it and screw it securely to the rock on both sides of the hole. You can then screw the patch piece onto the board. Tape and finish normally.

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