Wallpaper Removed/Wall needs Repair


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Wallpaper Removed/Wall needs Repair

OK, I've spent time removing wallpaper from the hallway of my house. The process works pretty well but it appears that the walls have never ben painted. Since there was always wallpaper on the walls (and the house is about 40 years old) there are quite a few dings sand dents that needs repair. There are a ton of pock marks that I believe will show through any painting I do.

I have one area of the wall that I am patching with new drywall. When I made my cut it appears that there are two layers of some type of boarding with a thin layer of plaster on top of it. I've never seen anything like that before (I'm used to either full drywall or plaster over lathe). If I get a chance I will put a picture online.

Anyway, I was wondering the best way to fix all these pock marks and dings. I was thinking of mixing up plaster and just skimming it up/down then a second coat left to right after the first coat dries. Is there a better way to do the repairs? Also, should I primer first then do the repair or repair first then prime everything?

Thanks for the help!
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Sounds like you might have blue board [drywall] with a plaster veneer. I don't know a lot about plaster so I'll leave that advice to one of the plaster guys. Your idea for repairs sounds about right. The only reason you would need to prime before patching would be if either you have torn the paper exposing the gypsum or have a real powdery/dusty surface to repair.
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Gotcha. thanks. The plaster seems to be in great shape other than the dings. I know that there is usually some type of sealer put on the wall before you paper. I didn't know if this sealer would have any effect on the skim coating.

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