Cost on Mudding & Tapping


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Cost on Mudding & Tapping

I was wondering if this price sounds good, just right, or too high. I'm finishing my basement dimension of the rooms are 1) 29.5' x 13' x 12' x 12' x 17.5' x 25' "L"shaped room with one closet, 2) 17' x 12' with one closet, and 3) hallway 13' x 5'. Mudding and Tapping only $980 he supplies the materials, and I hang the sheetrock. Or he will do the entire job, I purchase the sheetrock for $1340. I know where you live depends on the going rate, so I live in Maine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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are you able to do the work your self, or are you just asking if this may be a fair price for a pro to do?
like you stated, labor and materials vary from town to town. to make sure that you are not being screwed, go down to the local big box and give them the same measurements you gave us, they will give you a real estimate as to what it would cost for you to do it your self, make sure they include screws, tape, mud, etc all that would be needed,then you can base that on
wheather you want to tackle the project yourself. now remember you may have to get tools to take care of this project, ask them if you need anything else, i still think, if you can do it your self, you will come out cheaper in the long run, and have a few tools that you can do other projects with. this is just a suggestion and with the hope that you have a few friends that can be lured to help a little with the prospect of getting a few beers or a bar-b-q dinner. (we build whole homes like that down here in the south).

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well you didn't give ceiling heights so hard to figure exact sq ftg, but for a price to have this done, that sounds reasonable maybe even a tad on the cheap side. Sheetrock work isn't rocket science, but it does take a steady hand to run a nice finish coat and some practice.


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