Drywall mistake(s) doh!


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Drywall mistake(s) doh!

background: room is 14x14. Hung new drywall on celing and walls of this room. Taped and mudded myself. Painted walls...all looks great (here comes the doh) but...
I go to put on the outlet covers only to discover I have gaps on the sides. Two fold--Gap because blue box was a little crooked and or sticking out a little to far. Second, is gaps in the space to the left/right/top or bottom of the outlet cover when looking at it head on (from cutting hole a little to large). BIggest gap I would say is 1/4 inch on the top.
So, if anyone understood that and can tell me how to fix these problems without having to do anymore drywall mudding I will kiss you.
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There are oversize outlet covers you can buy. I'll let one of the experts chime in as to whether gaps between outlet box and drywall are a code issue.
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I'll pass on the kiss, but you can buy oversize wall plates for the receptacle boxes. If your box is sticking out just a bit because it is cocked you can try pushing the box back flush (power off of course) or you can try trimming the lip on the box. I've trimmed them using a Dremel tool.
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there's no kissing in drywall!!! no elecrical code violated here, if some of the outlets are backed up to a exterior wall, you might want to stuff a little insulation around the box, otherwise, get the big plates as were mentioned by wayne and mitch, hope this forum helps, and let us know how the project goes, others just surfing the net, may benefit from your experiance.

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ok no kissing.

I found some dimensions for leviton oversize wall plates and looks like they will fit the bill. So one down and one to go. I'll have to give the dremel a try on the boxes.
I'll get back to let ya know how it went.

Thanks again guys!
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well went to my local orange big box store and they had no/none/nada oversized covers. They only stock standard and mid-size. Guess I'll have to look on the web. If anyone has a link handy, i'll take a look.
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I though lowes and home depot carried oversized covers but maybe not. Look in the yellow pages for an electrical supply house - they should have them in stock.
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HD carries them in regular, 'oversize' and 'jumbo'.

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