Bathroom with multiple challenges...


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Question Bathroom with multiple challenges...

I'm getting up my nerve to approach a bathroom that has apparently had multiple personalities in the past. Can you tell me where you'd start on this project? Here are the things I need to address:
1. There was a tub/shower in the room at some time but all that is left is the tile on two walls where the stall was, I need to pull that off.
2. In the middle of the tile wall are faucets for a washing machine and power supply and vent on the floor for a dryer...those need to go.
3. The wall texture on the walls without tile is some kind of thick texture that was smeared about and not done very well. It needs to go so I can paint the walls.
4. One wall apparently had (or has) a window in it because the wall texture is extremely thick in a visible rectangle on the wall where it looks like there was a window!

I'm going to also need to retexture part of the ceiling, repaint it, move a toilet from one wall to another, pull out all the old cabinets and bad linoleum. Does this sound like a DIY project??? This is an 1886 farmhouse that was renovated (?) in the 1980's and I've been going room by room and stripping wallpaper, repainting, and replumbing toilets and putting in new vanities... the last two rooms (kitchen and this bathroom) are major projects that I'm wondering if I should try on my own.

Any advice will be greatly welcomed. I've found so much info on this site while lurking that I didn't need to post so far, now I guess I need help.
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Hi sdfarmgirl,

For #1 use a chisel to remove tiles.
#2 Cap off plumbing pipes and remove outlet, cap off wires, remove dryer vent and cut a peace of drywall to cover openings.
#3 Sand textured paint or use this paneling and paint over it.
#4 This is most likely where a medicine cabinet once was???

Good luck

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this can be a big task for a diy'er. but not impossible. without going into great detail...if you are going to use existing walls, remove tiles with a tool to lift the tiles. try not to "hammer" them as they do shatter and they are sharp.wear your safety glasses. to do anything on the plumbing, first isolate the bathroom by closing off any valves supplying it.remove handles etc from faucets. vanities are straightforward to remove.turn off breakers or unscrew fuses entirely(just in case a penny was installed at one time with the fuse)remove any electrical covers and terminate any wires no longer needed and use a blank cover to make it permanant.remove any wall coverings you need to. cut off any pipework not needed again and sure to use ventage in your drain design or at least an air admittance valve to prevent trap siphonage in moving the water closet,lavatories etc....tearing up lineolium is easier when you heat it and pull it up.using an ice chipper(scraper with long handle) is the way i take off texture whether it be ceiling or walls.this is because i am not too concerned in damage during demo...remove the bad patch at the "window" area you mentioned.probably was a window if it is an outside wall....could have been shelving or cabinet at one time....or a wall safe..hahaha, sister wood beside studs if you cannot open enough to expose 1/2 the stud to tack to. then use a piece of drywall(blue/green board in moist/wet areas).install and sounds like the rest you have done alreay...good luck
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Smile Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

Thanks for the encouragement and good advice. I think I'll start by trying to get the tile off the walls and depending on how that goes, I'll decide if I'm just going to demo all the walls with the ugly "stucco wannabe" surface and put up new drywall, or if I'm going to try to affix paneling/bead board over the top of everything. I've decided to make this an August/September project so that I don't rush into it too quickly. I just know that my dear husband has a low tolerance for projects that take a long time, especially in high traffic areas of our house. We have two young boys (6 & 3) who make most projects take many times longer if they "help". Otherwise, my loving spouse takes them out of my way so that I can work... he's the best! Just not the best handyman! I think I'll have a plumber and electrician come in and give me estimates and ideas of what I might need to worry about... I'm worried that the plumbing in the crawlspace may need a professional touch. I can handle the above floor plumbing... but when it comes to pvc pipe and meeting code... I'm not very confident. Though I'm not sure that anything in our house was ever up to code or inspected... South Dakota is pretty lax in all of the details! Thanks again. I'm off to rewire a fixture in the barn!

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