Point me in the right direction?


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Point me in the right direction?

So, yesterday, I punched a hole in the wall of my upstairs hallway. Oops. It's about 6" x 6".. here's a picture I took of it:

I'm not even sure how to apply that kind of paint, or what the wall is made out of, and I've never done something like this before. I'd rather fix it myself than pay a contractor hundreds of dollars to fix it for me, but is it too advanced for me? Could someone please point me to a website or two with information on how to fix this?

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There are several ways to repair it. IMO the best way would be to cut out the damage, screw a board [longer than the hole] to the backside of the adjacent rock which gives you something solid to screw the patch piece to. Then tape and mud the border.

Another method [my 2nd choice] would be to cut a piece of drywall bigger [3"-4"] than the hole then back cut it the size of the hole removing the paper and gypsum but leaving the face paper. You then mud the perimeter and insert the patch using the excess paper in place of tape.

The last method [not the best] would be to pre fill the hole with mud [preferably durabond], let dry and then finish with joint compound.

Drywall repairs are fairly simple. Basically you secure the board, then apply mud to the seams and press drywall tape over the crack into the mud, smoothing it out with a broad knife. It usually takes 2 more coats of mud, sanding as needed.

BTW don't you just hate it when the wall makes you mad enough that you have to retaliate
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Thanks a lot!

Yeah, it was all the wall's fault, I swear!

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