How much to charge, drywall patch.


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How much to charge, drywall patch.

I'm going to be fixing a large hole in a friends drywall, will take about a 2'x3' piece to cover it. He is supplying the drywall, I am suppling everything else. I have ample amounts of supplies to fix this, so the supplies are not really costing me anything. What would be a good deal on getting this fixed? I'm thinking $40.

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It depends on the friendship - I often don't charge my close friends for incendental work.

As a business you would charge for the cost of materials plus a set amount for each trip.
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well this is for a rental of his, and he kept the tenants security deposit to cover damages. I feel if I did it for free he would be making a profit off me, he wouldn't let me do it for free anyways

I just want a few opinions on what a fair price would be, I don't think he'd have much luck finding someone to drive all the way to this place for only $50 of work.

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If its for a friend, don't charge him anything.
If its business for a friend, charge him for one or two trips to do the patch.
You shouldn't have to feel guilty for trying to make a living but true friendship has no price.
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Smile what to charge for drywall patch

bear in mind the number of trips you have to make. barter system works for me regarding friends.
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if, like most have stated, do a friend for free, he may know something that you may not be good at and help you out later.
i would go the extra step and try to teach him what you know,if he is willing, and him to show you his areas of expertise, then all of ya'll get together for a bar-b-que using the security deposit.

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1/2 price

because he kept the renter's deposit, i think you should charge 1/2 of whatever a pro would charge (whatever that is!). an amount that's not so much that you'd feel guilty taking it, but low enough that he can feel like he's getting a deal. then you're both happy & no one owes anyone anything.

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