Masking tape?


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Masking tape?

Anyone ever use masking tape for a drywall joint? I finally got around to drywalling my shop and ran out of paper tape with just two joints to go. Too lazy to drive to the hardware store, I taped the joints with masking tape and mudded over them.
The stuff went on so easy that I'll probably use it for patch jobs instead of fiberglass tape.
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All I can comment on here since I just sell the stuff is that masking tape dries out and becomes brittle with age.It also loses it's adhesive quality.Whether or not being buried with compound helps or not,I suspect the tape will eventually crack as it becomes brittle causing a crack at the joint that will have to be repaired with real joint tape or fiberglass mesh later.
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Personally, I wouldn't trust it. Masking tape doesn't have the same qualities as drywall tape - and isn't designed for what you're doing with it. However, your joints may last longer than I do.... you'll be the only one to ever know. I always keep a roll of paper drywall tape laying around my workbench - never know when you'll need to fix a joint (drywall type), write a grocery list, or create a quick bookmark. Only time I ever use fiberglass tape is when doing durock joints.
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If this was a good idea, the pros would already be doing it. They're not.
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I'm just glad it was YOUR shop and not a customer's job
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Mitch - I suspect that there are other reasons why the pros don't use masking tape. The primary reason I can think of is the cost. A 250' roll of joint tape costs about $2 at HD. A similar sized roll of quality masking tape probably costs at least 5 times as much.

Mark - You're right, it was in MY shop. I have always been a proponent of "what's the worse thing that could happen". In this case, the possibility of a joint crack was more acceptable than a trip to the hardware store.

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