Removing Old Plaster


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Removing Old Plaster

I have to remove a small amount of old plaster from a wall to access an old electrical box.

Someone told me I could cover the furniture with 6mm plastic fabric from the hardware store to protect them from lead dust. Wouldn't normal plastic trash bags be good enough? The ones from the supermarket are .85mm thick and much cheaper.

Does the 6mm fabric have better dust retention than thinner plastics? Or can fine dust pass through the thinner plastics?


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Any plastic is good enough to protect from dust. If some of the chunks are gong to land on the plastic heavier stuff will hold it better.
The problem with trash bags is the size. If there is one single piece of plastic covering one or more pieces of furniture there is less space for leakage of the dust between the pieces and believe me it will leak. On the other hand you say a small amount. Maybe you can take it out in one large chunk. If this is a ceiling be prepared for a lot of dust no matter how small the hole.
6 mil plastic is heavier than you need for only dust 1 or 2 mil is fine for only dust but bigger in dimension is better.
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Am I missing something or what? I never heard about protecting youself from lead dust when removing plaster. I understand that one should wear a respirator to avoid inhalling plaster dust. Why would there be lead in plaster?
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In a house old enough to have plaster there could be lead in the paint.

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