Texturing repair opinions/advice please!


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Texturing repair opinions/advice please!

We are currently in the process of correcting a bad paint job (latex over unprepared oil) in a half-bath. In the process of figuring out how to remove the peeling latex from the walls (now using a combination of stripping and just peeling it off which doesn't affect the underlying paint or texture at all) we sanded some of the light orange peel texture almost smooth in a few areas. In addition to this variablity there are also some other less-than-perfect wall repairs where previous things were mounted that would be nice to improce. The texture of the walls ultimately doesn't matter as long as it's something that can be (relatively) easily done since we don't have much (ok, any) experience in this area and we'd like it to result in a neat appearance. I'm worried about skim-coating the walls and starting over because I'm afraid that can go badly with inexperienced hands. Are there other possibilities, or should we just try to simulate the existing orange peel by hand? It's a small room, but I suppose sanding it all down to match can be done- or is that crazy?
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Originally Posted by Beakie View Post
but I suppose sanding it all down to match can be done- or is that crazy?
Not crazy - just too much work

You can usually duplicate orange peel by thinning joint compound down [near paint consistency] and apply it with a sponge. If it doesn't come out right, it's a simple matter to wipe [if wet] and sand [if dry] it off and try again. You can also buy areosol cans of orange peel texture.

You could also retexture the entire walls. This is best done by spraying it with a hopper gun. Skim coating isn't that hard to do. I'm sure you can skim coat a small area - a wall is just made up of a bunch of small areas Sanding the finish product will even it all out. Be sure to sand well any glossy paint so the texture will adhere - or wait and texture after applying a solvent based primer.

btw - welcome to the diy forums!

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