spackle in cold weather


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spackle in cold weather

I have to spackle and fill joints in a garage that doesn't have heat yet. The high is only going to be 40 for the next week where I live and the joints will take forever to dry. I was thinking of using a curing compound like Dap Presto Patch but I have no idea how well it sands. Any ideas?? thanks
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I'm not familiar with the presto patch. If it is similiar to durabond or easy sand it should be ok. They don't sand as easy as joint compound. It would be better if the walls were a bit warmer than 40`

I usually use j/c for the final coat when using durabond, it's so much easier to sand. I've never been fond of sanding and always try to apply the mud neatly to cut down on the amount of sanding.

The main thing is not to let spackle, j/c, texture or latex paint freeze.

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