Repairing Orange Peel Sheetrock - choices


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Repairing Orange Peel Sheetrock - choices

I cut out a section of sheetrock 64" long (four stud bays * 16" ) by 12" high to do some plumbing. I cut it carefully and used a magnet & screwdriver to find and remove the screws before taking the one large piece off the studs, intact.

Should I put the old piece back in place, secure it all around, tape and mud, and just re-texture the edges? Or should I put a new patch in, secure, tape & mud, and re-texture the whole thing? Or what?

The original 1/2" sheetrock is orange peel textured and was installed & finished by a contractor with a compressor/sprayer in 2002. We put latex primer and two coats of white latex satin paint on it. The entire wall will be repainted with the same paint color.
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The best way to make the repair disappear would be to retexture the whole area. I don't know that you could tape and finish the joints without it encompassing the majority of replaced rock. If the old rock is sound, it shouldn't hurt anything if you reuse it but I doubt any significant amount of texture would be saved.

If you don't have access to a hopper gun and compressor there are other ways to texture the repair. Small repairs are often textured by using a wet sponge to dab on thinned down joint compound. You can also buy orange peel texture in an aerosol can - these have mixed reviews, most pros don't like them and maybe 1/2 of diyers are pleased with them. Depending on the orange peel texture you have it may be possible to apply thinned down j/c with a roller to texture the area.

Because the wall is coated with satin enamel the repair needs to be done fairly well [flat paint hides defects better] unless furniture or stuff limmits the view of that part of the wall.
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Thanks for the response. The contractor left me nearly a full aerosol can of that texture after he did a couple of small repairs about a year after the original job. I might just have him re-do the whole deal and fix a couple of other spots too.

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