plaster veneer vs drywall


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Red face plaster veneer vs drywall

We are planning to renovate our kitchen and are in the planning and budgeting phase. We will have to redo the walls as the current plaster walls are going to be wrecked putting in electrical etc. I prefer a look that will most closely resemble what should be there in our old house as we are doing our best to recreate an early american kitchen. Money is tight and skills are limited.

I am wondering if we should attempt blueboard with plaster veneer. Can a DIY'er hang blueboard and pay someone to do the plaster veneer? Is it really as hard to do as it sounds? How much more expensive is it over sheetrock? Also, I am looking to replicate the way the original plastering is done in our home, where the trim is up before the plaster and lathe. Apparently that is typical of houses built in the 1700's, at least in this part of the country.

My experience is limited to two small sections of sheetrock that I had to cut out and replace around my bathtub, with greenboard. It actually looks pretty good. My spouse has not much more experience than I. We just want to know how we can get the authentic look and how much of this we should try to do ourselves to save $$.
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Welcome to the diy forums!

It is possible to hang the blue board and sub out the plaster work, most plasterers and drywall finishers don't personally hang the rock.

I've never done any real plaster work and would be leary of doing the work myself but I'm confident in doing any drywall work. We have several plaster pros here so hopefully one of them will advise you further if you want to do the plaster work yourself.
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I agree with Mark. Unlike Mark I have attempted plaster on blueboard and I sucked at it. Drywall taping and mudding is a skilled trade that most DIYers' can do reasonably well (they just can't do it as fast as the pros), at least on a small scale. Plaster is another order of magnitude. IMO it takes a lot of practice and skill to do it right.

It sounds like you want to get a specific look for your walls. Better to spend the money to get a pro job and try to recover the budget somewhere else than to DIY it and end up unhappy with the results. Get some bids and see how it fits your budget.

FWIW - I watched a TOH rerun a couple of weeks ago where one of the TOH guys was "helping" the plaster crew. The contractor told him it usually takes up to a year to train a guy.
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Thanks for the replies. I think we will probably try to hang the blueboard up ourselves and then call in a plaster pro to skim over it. Or maybe the plaster pro will advise us about the blueboard before we start. This project is a long way off but the more cost saving ideas I come up with now the sooner we can start demo.
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When it comes to a finish product like plaster, I truly believe that someone with experience is worth the money. I like to do my own work but when it comes to finishing plaster or drywall someone with experience cuts the time it takes in more then half and the end product is always going to better.

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