Tub Surround Flange


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Tub Surround Flange

I have just installed a fiberglass tub & 3 piece wall surround & am putting up wallboard. Since the nailing/screwing flange (of the tub surround walls) sticks up about a 1/4 ", I obviously cannot just run the wallboard tight to the tub surround without creating a lump where it hits the flange. I have considered rabitting out a strip off the back of the wallboard to cover the flange but I am using a new anti-mold wallboard called DensArmor Plus that gives off clouds of dust when run through a table saw! (I am having tile applied above the tub surround when installed)
Since the flange is about 1.5 inches wide & 1/4 " high, couldn't I just rip down some 1/4 plywood & screw that to the flange & then tape & joint compound it to the level of the abutting sheetrock?

Three Questions:

1.Would that be ok as a base under the tile I'll be installing?
2. Is there an easier way to cover this tub flange?
3. Do I need to cover the flange at all? (can the tile installer just apply thinset (or whatever) over it enough to get the tiles to adhere, since they will be pretty well supported by the solid sheetrock beyond the flange?)

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What I see most often on new construction is the drywall hung over the flange and the resulting "bulge" is what it is Ocasionally I will see the drywall hung up to the flange and then the gap is filled with durabond and flat taped. I think if I was to do anything with 1/4" plywood it would be to shim out the drywall close to the flange.

Usually the tub surround takes the place of tile. If tile is to be added, you might be better off asking that question in the tile forum - there are some proffesional tile setters that frequent that section.

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