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Reintall of towel rod onto patched drywall... will it hold?

Reintall of towel rod onto patched drywall... will it hold?


Old 03-29-07, 04:28 PM
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Reintall of towel rod onto patched drywall... will it hold?

I am in the process of patching some drywall where a towel rod use to be and then reinstalling the towel rod. The patch was needed because the anchor that was used in the first insallation got pulled out creating a small hole in the drywall. What do you think would be the best method for repairing the small area less than 3" square in the drywall. and also would this patch be able to hold the reinstallation of the towel rod? Any help in this area would be much appreciated
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Old 03-29-07, 06:50 PM
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For a super strong repair:

Cut out the sheetrock rectangular...not square. Cut it say 2 x 5 or 3 x 6 or 4 x 7.....like that. Then cut yourself a piece of 1/2 inch plywood to the width of the longest measurement of the cut out. Let's work with my 3 x 6 example so you can see.

Okay, cut the plywood 6 x 9. Now drill a hole in the middle of the plywood. Now run a sheetrock srcrew in that hole 1/2 inch in, and hang onto the head with a vicegrips. Now stick the plywood in your 3 x 6 cutout. Once in the hole, turn the plywood 90 degrees so that the plywood is overlappeing the sheetrock inside on all 4 sides by 1 1/2 inches. (neat eh?). Now drill holes through the sheetrock wall into the plywood. Then run in sheetrock screws while still hanging onto the vicegrips. Once screwed you can leave go. Oh...if you want you can put some PL-200 on the mating 1 1/2 inch overlap to sandwich in place.

Now you can cut a 3 x 6 piece of sheetrock to fill in over the plywood. When you finish with all your coats you can actually screw the towel bar right into your plywood!

The above described procedure is the cadillac of repair methods , IMO. For non important areas like where doorknobs have bashed holes through the wall of similar size I have simply sprayed the hollow cavity with that that insulation spray foam and let it set up. (It helps to screw in anchor posts with sheetrock screws so the foam spray stays put in the wall cavity.) Then the next day I carve off the excess cured foam. Then I gouge a little out to a depth of say 1/8 inch. Then I spackle skimcoat. Then I glue a doorknob plate over the (cough, cough) cheesy repair. But it works.
Old 03-29-07, 07:22 PM
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I like the suggestion with the plywood, not the one with the foam. You'll need to put some kind of structure behind the repair, spackle and joint compound won't hold anything.
Old 03-30-07, 02:28 PM
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I don't like the foam either for his application with the towel bar. (You can't beat the plywood method tho')

But keep the foam method in mind for some other hole, especially when the 'rock is caved in, and you just leave what is caved in in there, as the foam will lock around it and make the entire cavity hard. A repair like this can take just minutes.
Old 04-05-07, 06:47 PM
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Once the integrity of the drywall core is weakened patching it will never hold as good as before. If you want to reinstall the bar in the same location the only way to make it durable is the plywood method mentioned above. Cut a 6" square hole insert a 4"x10" piece of wood screw top and bottom, reinstall drywall screwing it to the new blocking. Tape the joints and voila durable mounting for the bar that you will never have to worry about coming off the wall again.

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