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Question knockdown

my husband and i tried knockdown the other day. We need to knockdown our bathrrom ceiling. We bought a hopper and a wide scraper and practiced on a piece of drywall that had been painted. first we waited 15 min and it all smeared then we tried again and waited 30 min and a little better then we tried again and waited 45 min. It looked ok but not great how do you get it not to be quite so smeary? Does it make a difference if it is on a painte surface? We had to keep making the mud thicker and made the spray smaller to get the bigger blobs we wanted. Should you keep spraying till all visible wall is covered? How do you know when it is time to scrape? Please help, we want to do this project this weekend. Thanks for any information.
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I just sprayed knockdown for the first time a few weeks ago and i used the largest tip i had, pancake batter consistency drywall mud, and about 30-40psi. Stood 3 feet away from wall and shot. I did it by trial and error, I sprayed some and it wasnt enough so i sprayed more. Its all on personal preference. I looks much better once painted. Scrape with a very light hand once the mud isnt shiney anymore.
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You experienced slow set up time because your surface was painted.. It can take up to a half hour or more for the mud to dry enough to be knocked down in that case. If you have new drywall - it can set up faster than you can spray a hopper full of mud. It's experience/trial and error. Don't worry about it drying too much - you can always scrape it off enough to start over should that happen. If you're ending up with a blade full of mud and smears... get a cup of coffee (or a beer) and wait a while - continue checking an inconspicious spot until you're happy with the results... then, get after it! One other thing.. if you have a combination of new work and painted work - the new work will be ready long before the painted will.. so use caution moving from one area to the next..

Finally - a light, light touch on the knife - held pretty flat. You can always go over a spot to depress it more - you can't raise it back up...

Good luck!

Oh yeah... don't forget to give the wall a light sanding after the texturing has dried completely (24hrs) - to remove the sharp ridges...

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