plaster over wall paper


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plaster over wall paper

We are removing wall paper in a house we just bought. The previous owners had wall papered straight onto the sheet rock without having anything much in between that we can tell. As we are pulling off the wall paper we are also pulling off layers of the paper on the sheet rock. Because we already know that we have to plaster these tears and rips in the sheet rock, is it just possible to just cover the wall paper completely with the plaster, and not remove the rest of it? Removing the wall paper has become a worse chore than we originally thought and we would sure like an easier solution.

We started out using wall paper remover on the walls and then realize it was getting absorbed into the sheet rock cause the paper on the sheet rock to bubble up and tear. So we have now gone to spraying vinegar and water solution, working oh so slowly one tiny section at a time.

Anything that would help us with our troubles would be greatly appreciated.
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To do a thorough job, you'll need to get the wallpaper off. I've never had luck with chemicals of any sort to remove wallpaper. A steamer, though, is great. Hold the steamer on for 20 seconds, then the wallpaper will peel right off. We've both borrowed and rented steamers and they all work great.
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Stripping wallpaper is rarely ever a fun/easy job. It is best to remove it all if you can although you can skim coat over it with joint compound. The only problem with skim coating over wallpaper is you are betting that the paper WILL stay stuck.

Any exposed gypsum must be primed with a solvent based primer prior to patching [or painting with latex] It would also be a good idea to prime any wallpaper that isn't removed.
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You have a real problem there.

If you skim over the wall paper you may find the moisture from the plaster will cause the wall paper to lift. Leaving bubbles in the finished work.

You do need to get rid of the wall paper.

Damage to the dry wall can be repaird and can be skim coated using a finishing compound.

You will find that any loose paper will swell when wet with the finishing compound.

So you will need to give it 2 or three coats. Each time getting rid of any loose paper that appears in your work.

Finishing compound is easy to sand just very dusty.



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