Looking for texturing tool recommendation


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Looking for texturing tool recommendation

Several years ago I purchased a texturing spray gun. At the time I wanted something cheap to do a one time repair. I've since used that texture gun many times. It seems to make a mess in every direction possible so even when I want to do a minor touch up I need to create a bubble of plastic sheeting to keep the area clean. Long ago for various reasons we hired on two different occassions two different professionals to do drywall work for us. In both cases they needed to spray texture and in both cases they did not do nearly as much plastic sheeting as we do today. What texturing tool are they using that doesn't spray in every direction? The tool they used didn't look too much different than what I have now but it has to be different. The biggest thing I noticed is their tool looked smaller than mine. The area that feeds the compound looked much smaller. That's about all I noticed that could be different. Any pointers to better spray texture tools would be greatly appreciated.

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I use a goldblatt hopper gun that I bought used 20+ years ago. I don't know how it differs from the similiar looking cheaper ones. Spraying texture is always messy! A thinner texture and higher pressure will produce more overspray than thicker with lower pressure. You have to remember a proffessional finisher uses his equipment regularly and knows how it operates well. Experience always gives a better result with less mess

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