Video of Stripped Wall


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Video of Stripped Wall

I have a video of my walls after stripping the wallpaper.
I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the condition of my walls and what I need to do next.
Go here
the click the video titles 'wallpaper......'

Thanks alot.
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On a problem scale of 1 to 10, you are at about 1.5. Your wall basically needs a skim coat of mud, sanding, prime and paint. I have had walls in alot worse condition come out fine. You don't show any signs of water damage that is prevalent in bathrooms. On some of the fuzzier areas, I usually cut "footballs" on the surface of the paper and remove all the fuzzy paper prior to skimming. The fuzz always seems to telegraph through.
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The wall is just peppered. In such situations what I have done is first sand off the loosest paper layer at those tears. Then I set up a box fan and lightly paint the bad spots and the fan will dry the thin layer of paint faster which lessens likelihood of the paper blistering. It is nice if you can cut out the paper, as suggested, but it looks almost insurmountable by the sheer number of them.

Use a paint brush and lightly paint the bad spots with flat paint or primer paint. Or you could use perhaps spray paint applied in thin coats. Then after it dries do it again. Then after it dries do it again using a semi-gloss paint. This will form a base coat of paint so that when you mud over these spots, the paper is not as likely to wick up the moisture in the mud and cause more sheetrock paper separation at the bad spots.

This method greatly reduces this. If some spots do blister, you will have at least cut way down on the number that would have.

I sort of invented this tehnique (if others did it it was unknown by me) about 20 years ago out of necessity for reasons similar to yours, or when paneling was glued to a sheetrock wall and ripped off. I did a lot of experimenting after I found that simply trying to mud over such spots caused the loose/exposed bare sheetrock paper to blister.

Chandler's football cut outs technique definitely works. I have done that also. But when confronted by 100 or so spots - that is when I tried the approach I spoke of.

I have also found that substituting lightweight spackle for mud also helps, because spackle is drier than mud and less apt to wick into the paper. You want to put on the first coat ultra thin with fan going, and let it dry, then put on successive coats in like manner.
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Trim or sand away the loose paper as previous posters indicated. The prime any bare gypsum with Zinsser Gardz, skim coat with joint compound, prime and paint.

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