What is this foam on my bathroom wall?


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What is this foam on my bathroom wall?

There are a few spots on the bathroom wall next to the shower that have recently bubbled up and popped. I'm new to DIY home repair and I just wanted to check if this was mold or anything else I should be weary of before I scrape it off and paint over it. Thanks!

<img src="http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/4625/whatsthisor8.jpg" width="320 "height="240">
<img src="http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6889/whatsthis2yp4.jpg" width="320 "height=240">

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aaaaand those pics are huge, sorry about that. is there a way for me to resize those?
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Here is what the line of code looks like when you chose the auto image insert function:


Here is what the code looks like when you do it by hand and tell it what size image to show:

?img src="http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/4625/whatsthisor8.jpg" width="320 "height="240"?
?img src="http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/6889/whatsthis2yp4.jpg" width="320 "height=240"?

Hmm, it seems the "Automatically parse links" button doesn't work when you uncheck it.
In the example x would be seen as [IMG] and ? is a < and >

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Thanks for the tips.. and thanks to whoever resized it.

Now do I have something living in my walls or is that just foam filler?
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No pro nor do I know what foam filler is...but,

Mold is cottony, velvety, granular or leathery. It usually has a musky odor. My first thought it isn't mold but I"m no pro so...

Until you find out, don't scrape or paint over it!

I was thinking maybe it's efflorescence b/c its description is white crystaly or powerdry, fibrous, and/or spikey. Only, it usually appears on damp masonry wall like concrete and brick.

I hope someone chimes in here for you.
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Surprised no one else has responded so we'll try a different forum.

Looks like efflorescence to me too.
It would be caused by moisture which would have to be corrected before patching.

How big an area is affected and is there any dampness now?
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Is this a plaster wall or drywall? I've never heard of efflorescence on drywall, I don't know about plaster

As Greg pointed out the source of the moisture must be fixed. Make sure there isn't any leaks behind the wall! I'd scrape off the 'foam' [wear a dust mask if you have any issues with mold or dust] coat the area with a solvent based primer, spackle, prime and paint.

If the cause is external, the best fix is to have a good coat of enamel on the wall and use an exhaust fan during and following shower use.

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