Random orbital sander for light sanding?


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Random orbital sander for light sanding?

Does anyone use a random orbital sander for sanding the final coat of compound, or do most pros do the final sanding by hand?

I had a painter once who did some taping for me; he used an orbital sander. However, the pros I have taping now are sanding all by hand. Frankly, these pros are doing a better job than the other previous painter. I wasn't sure if is due to the difference in equipment, or if these guys are just more skilled.

Seems to me the orbital sander would make for quicker work. I was just wondering in case I need to do some taping for a later project.
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Too quick with power - you'll remove too much material before you know it. Hand sanding is best - I believe most pros tend to use a pole sander.
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Most orbital sanders are not made to sand drywall. While you "can" do it, as mentioned it may be to aggressive and the small head may leave edge marks. Not only that but it will quickly ruin the vinyl CFS disk that many sanders have, which controls the rate of speed that the disk turns. Before you know it, the disk will be wrecked and the sander will be spinning like a top. The spinning (as opposed to random-orbit) makes the sander act more like a grinder, which means it will sand even more aggressively- not a good thing when sanding drywall.

There are special drywall sanders that will- such as Porter Cable's sanding system, which some professionals use. They have much larger heads and are designed to handle the silica dust.
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Doing new drywall I have never done a ROS. I did many years ago using Durabond regular. I still have this setup. <p>A Milwaukee 8 amp grinder using the random orbital sander 6 inch attachment with holes and the attachment that is for vacuum assisted pickup. 80 grit sandpaper with pressure sensitive adhesive. What a great sanding system this was for that hard Durabond or just sanding down all those nasty paint lips, paint runs, gross build up (Mt. Everest ) home owner repairs painted over. You could put all of your 200 pounds of weight and more on this tool with out it stopping. The only thing that has replaced this fantastic method has been the 60 grit sanding screens by 3M along with the vacuum assist block. I still use this powerful method once and awhile for all that built up stuff that a 50 year old house will have or just one bad paint job. <p>I believe you have to level it before you can smooth it. I will never go anywhere without this system, just in case. It simply melts down all the non-smooth areas with no elbow grease.

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