Drywall ceiling circle cutters?


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Drywall ceiling circle cutters?

I believe I have seen in the box stores a adjustable circle cutter for drywall???

I need to cut in old work several drywall holes so as to install round plastic ceiling boxes. I need to cut a clean circle of 4 inches, and would such do the job? Any tips on using such is most welcome. I assume the cutter will be driven by a drill?


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Yes they are powered by a drill although I've never used one.
IMO it is better to use a 4" hole saw - it's easier and possibly neater
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They also sell a cutout tool. It works like a compass with a point on one end and a sharp wheel on the other. Find your center, adjust your tool for the radius and score.
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and to finish coops direction:

cut with a jab saw.

If you can get a hole saw, that is the cleanest.

If you only have a few, the tool coops speaks of is good or if you are as cheap as I am, you may try to find a jar lid or other circle shaped thing to trace around and cut with a drywall saw.
never used the tool you speak of. Never seen it used either. I would take that as a recommendation as it is not anybody's tool of choice.
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Thank you, FOR SURE.

I looked at the circle cutters and they say to score on BOTH sides of the drywall, so won't work for drywall already hanging.

I used a JAB SAW, after I made up a circle pattern and penciled in a good line.

Thanks again,


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