Plaster ceiling repair


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Plaster ceiling repair

On "ThisOldHouse", not "AskTOH" show #11 (Oct18,'07)in NY, they had a segment that showed this restorer in VT fixing cracks in a plaster ceiling by drilling holes on both sides of the crack, spraying a conditioner into the holes then injecting with a caulking gun an adhesive into these holes until it came out the crack. Screws with plaster washers were then screwed into these holes, and into the wood lath, holding the plaster back up against the lath until it hardened (24-48 hours). Then the screws and washers were removed and the screw holes filled with spackle/durabond/etc. Normal finishing and painting, etc. was then done. This left a repair without a "hump" from layers of "mud" and paper/nylon screening from previous methods.
This guy has a website under his product Big Wally's. I don't sell/advocate/endorse this stuff, but would like to hear from those who may have.
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Was discussed a few weeks ago and met with skepticism.
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I to am skeptical of this method. Screws, opening of cracks and Durabond all done right should not have any hump problems. No more then butt seams on drywall.
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I just used the product you are discussing, it’s called Big Wally’s Plaster Magic. I saw it demonstrated on “This Old House” for Norm Abram by the VT contractor (I believe it was show #2711).
After watching the show, I immediately called the manufacturer and ordered it over the phone . They’re very nice, and took the time to answer all my questions. You can also buy it on-line.

The product worked just as they said it would, with little mess and a great savings in time over the metal buttons and mesh tape method. This is not a cover-up deal—the adhesive actually reattaches the plaster to the wood lath. The repair is virtually invisible after you fill the drill holes and the cracks with joint compound – and no sanding, I just damp sponged the compound! I liked that part a lot! Also, you do not want to “cut-out” the crack, there’s no need to with Big Wally’s.

I would recommend this new product in a heartbeat. It would be nice if it were available in Home Depot, Lowe’s or my local hardware chain; the mail order option worked out fine, I had my order in a week.

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But what if the plaster is holding solid to the wood lath/drywall lathe and is only a stress crack? I would think this adhesive is not what you want. Stress cracks should be opened up.

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