5/8 inch tapered meets 1/2 inch butt


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5/8 inch tapered meets 1/2 inch butt

I had to replace the drywall in my kitchen with 5/8ths- inch for my remodel. On the same wall the drywall in the living room is 1/2- inch. What do I do about the joint where my tapered 5/8ths meets the 1/2 inch butt joint of the existing drywall?

I am thinking I should use setting compound to fill the depression in part way. Then tape it, and only feather the joint a couple inches on the kitchen side to where the taper ends at 5/8ths of an inch. Then feather the other side out normally so there will be a hump only on the living room side.
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You'll want to treat the 5/8" side as if it was a tapered joint and the 1/2" side as if it was a butt joint.
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The trouble is that the tape won't be flat where the two uneven panels meet unless I use a fair amount of setting compound to build up the depression on the tapered side. Just wondering if this will cause any problems with finishing the joint.
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It is probably easier to prefill the low side and then tape but either way will work.
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I would rather avoid this at all costs. But it is what it is. I would bevel the 5/8 inch side. Use a razor knife and cut away at the edge at a width of 1/2 inch. I myself would power sand this edge as well using my Milwaukee ROS. This will make your taping along with mudding a much better transition.

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