Self adhesive drywall patch


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Self adhesive drywall patch

Does anyone have experience using the self adhesive drywall repair patches?

I recently had my drywall taped, and I now realize that I need to install another electical outlet, so I need to fish some wire. To do so, I will end up with 2 or 3 small holes that I need to patch. Will I end up with a good result with these patches, or should I use some other technique?

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I've heard of them but have never used them. I usually insert drywall as needed and then tape and finish.
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I'm not any fan of some thin surface patch method either.

I employ this repair method:

Cut square hole rectangular if need be. By doing so you can actually cut an oversize piece of 1/2" plywood so that when inserted through the hole, you can rotate it 90o so that all 4 sides of the plywood are behind the sheetrock. But before slipping it in, you drill a hole in the center of it and install say a 2 inch screw into the plywood, leaving 1 1/2 inches of screw sticking out toward you. Then latch a vicegrips onto the screw. Then insert the plywood through the rectangular hole and then rotate it as said. Now, while pulling toward you, you drill holes through the edges of the sheetrock into your plywood and then run in sheetrock screws. Now you can leave go of the vicegrips and unscrew the center screw. Now cut a piece of sheetrock to fit. Then tape and mud.

If you skip the tape you may or may not get an extremely hairline crack in time. I actually prefer to not tape (so you don't have to feather out so far over existing wall to hide any tape bulge) especially for such low holes, and any repaint or spackle in future will fill any such crack. And as stated, the crack will be extremely hairline: Magnifying- glass- needed- to- see- it, hairline.
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ecman51` does what I would do! But I would use tape. This repair will work well with the fiberglass tape (the only time I recommend). to hide the possible hair line crack.

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