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Exclamation Mold removal and repair

I know we have mold on/in the wall (plaster) next to the shower (the wall where the shower head and tub faucets come out, and actually, all bathroom plumbing is on this wall) in the bathroom of our 1940 house. We did not notice mold when we bought our home last April, but over the year (nearly) we've owned and lived here, the paint that covered the mold has, of course, peeled off, exposing the problem. This room tends to be fairly damp most of the time, despite a fan for ventilation and the ability to open a small window (high up, in the shower), weather permitting.
At this time, the exposed area is about 10" x 3", parallel to and touching the ceramic tile that is above and surrounds the porcelain tub (the typical layout of a small old bathroom with tub and tile).
How deep, big and wide the mold and dampness (the wall near the mold feels a little soft, like an avacado that's just beginning to ripen) actually is, we have yet to find out. It is black and white, with possibly tan mixed in? Toxic? Maybe. Ugly, smelly and it needs to go, bottom line.
I doubt this is something my husband and I can/will (?) tackle by ourselves. We do have contacts in the home remodel/repair/construction industry, so we will likely seek help this way, if it seems appropriate.
My questions are: What can I expect with this process? How much time might this take (this is our only bathroom!) and what might it cost (if anyone can tell me, I want to know what I would typically be charged by "ACME Repair Company", and what I would go through as "Joe Customer").
Thanks for your help in advance--
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Welcome to the forums Amy!

It's kind of hard to say sight unseen. If the mold is limitted to the paint - it should be fairly simple [cheap] to remove and then repaint - be sure to use a good kitchen and bath paint! K&B paints have extra mildewcide and other qualities to hinder the growth of mold/mildew.

If the mold has progressed to the back side of the wall, it could become more expensive. It doesn't do a lot of good to remove the mold off of the surface if it is still growing behind the wall

If you hire the job out it is always best to get several estimates and check references. Labor prices vary greatly in different regions so it would be next to impossible for anyone to give you a close estimate online. This is the type of job that needs to be seen to know how extensive a job it will be.

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