re-texturing ceilings


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re-texturing ceilings

My husband and I removed a mid-80's popcorn style celing using the water spray and puddy knife to scape method. It was a mess but went well. My husband then touched up a little and sanded. Today he attempted to put a new texture on using regular joint compound with a thick nap roller, then he had a leaf patterned roller to go over it with (that's the instructions we had from the store). Unfortunately though the mud didn't want to stick. Regardless of how thin/thick we mixed the mud or put it on the ceiling small patches would peel back off with the textured roller. Occasionally it would even peel with the first coat. We're at a loss, any suggestions? Thanks!
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Never tried applying texture with a roller... nor imprinting designs with an imprinted roller... but have textured/refinished many a ceiling. I might suggest that you wait a bit before trying to run the leaf patterned roller. Allow the compound to dry a bit before trying to imprint it. When I do a knockdown finish - I shoot wet material on the ceiling/wall - then run my knockdown knife over it just before it hardens.... otherwise it just tends to run together....

Before you spend more time upside down for nothing - do some test work on some scrap material (drywall/paneling/plywood/cardboard) until you find out what works best....
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I've never tried that type of texture either - maybe wetting your pattern roller with water first will help.

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