Stucco on cement block fence


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Stucco on cement block fence

I have a seventy foot long and 5 foot high grey 20 years old cement block fence in good condition in the back of my yard.
It is just ugly there and wish to refinish it.
First option is just paint with a masonry exterior paint.
Second option is to stucco.
Third: stucco and paint to match the house color.
Any other options? Since it is a do it yourself job, I wish to do it the easy but nice looking way.

1. Can I just use a single layer stucco in final color? Need instructions how to do it. I did a lot of diy in the past but not stuccoing yet.
2. When I want to match color, how to combine the single layer stucco with a masonry paint?
3. Do I need to use the conventional three layer stucco? I wish I didn/t have to.
4. What stucco finish should I use (like smooth, swirl, etc)? How to do them?
5. How to make sure that stucco will adhere well to the cement blocks?

Please advise. Appreciated. Thank you.
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While a 2 or 3 coat stucco job is the best when I worked in fla, almost all the block homes I painted, had 1 coat stucco.

If you paint an exposed masonary wall, you should paint both sides and the top. This will prevent moisture from passing thru the block - which will eventually lead to paint failure

Fla sun is pretty intense so I don't know how it will last in other areas but in fla, colored stucco is bad to fade. IMO it looks like it needs painting with in a year of application. Another color option would be products like Drivet - but I hear it is pretty pricey.

You might try reposting in the masonary section of the forums - masons are usually the ones that apply stucco.

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