Popcorn ceilings


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Popcorn ceilings

How do I remove popcorn ceilings?
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No matter what you do be prepared for a mess. Make sure you cover everything. If you cover the area with a thin painters plactic film, after your done, you just wrap it all up and throw it away.

I have personally found that moistening the popcorn and hen using a 8" to 12" drywall spackling knife to scrape the popcorn off is the easiest and gives you the best control.
In a couple of tries you'll find the angle that works best for you.

To moisten the popcorn I prefer using a pump sprayer filled with clean water. Like the one you would use to spray incecticide in a flower garden. Don't soak the ceiling, just moisten it. That it.
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Yep, water and a scraper. Big mess.
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To help limit the mess you can hold up a painters pan to catch the debris. I do this when breaking loose plaster from a ceiling. Keep a large garbage can with a 33 gallon bag in it at your side.
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FWIW - and I know you don't want to hear this.... Some homes (1960's - 1970's) actually have asbestos in their popcorn ceilings. Asbestos mitigation is spendy - time consuming - and a PITA.... but obviously someone somewhere considers it to be a worthwhile issue. If you're concerned about that possibility - have it tested prior to removal.

Otherwise - spray it/scrape it/dispose of it..... Nasty work - big mess - but relatively easy unless someone painted it with water resistant paint somewhere down the line... at which point you will darned near have to soak the ceiling with a water hose (obviously kidding to some extent).... Good luck - and have fun!! (Send the kids to visit Grandma for a few days)

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