Water stains on thin coat plaster


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Water stains on thin coat plaster

Hi. We experienced some water damage in our den due to ice dams on our roof. The damage was confined to a relatively small area but left stains on the ceiling and wall in a corner of the room. I'm sure our insurance guy is going to try to just have it painted over but, the finish is thin coat plaster and was textured in a swirl design. The sheen of the plaster really makes this swirl pattern stand out. If we paint the ceiling we lose that texture. Is there a way to repair thin coat plaster short of tearing the whole ceiling down and starting over?

By the way, the damage assessment company claims there is no trapped moisture allthough I can't see how the insulation could stay dry when water ran in through the window header trim, as well as down the insulated wall cavity and into the basement.
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I haven't seen a swirl finish that one can't paint over, and yet retain the swirls. Huh. They had to have known that people were going to paint.

Regarding trapped moisture: Ya. Been there. Same problem. Had to tear out large plaster area and remove all the wet insulation and let cavity dry after first treating with bleach to kill the mold (white froth) and mildew (black splotches). It had it's own ecosystem going on in that closed up plaster wall from the icedam that filtered through it. And it affected the upstairs wall AND downstairs wall.
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Water stains will need to be sealed in with primer/sealer. I always preferred the Zinnser High Hide for water stains. Painting a textured finish should pose no problems.
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Prime the repair with Kilz or Zinnser stain block. If the ceiling has never been painted, you need to paint it now. You will still have a texture finish. Flat paint looks good on a ceiling.
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There's always a first. The swirls are discreet but, as I noted, show up real nice with the sheen of the plaster. Shortly after the house was built, we experienced some cracks in the vaulted ceiling and adjoining wall in the living room due to settling . The builder had someone come in and repair those and they had to paint the ceiling. Now the swirls are no longer apparent. The texture is obviously still there but the reflections just don't show after two coats of paint.

But you are right. eventually the ceilings will all have to be painted and we will have to live with the results.


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