joint compound over metal lath


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joint compound over metal lath

I totally gutted my hallway plaster walls and ceilings in our 100 year old row house. We firred out off of the iregurally spaced studs and installed drywall. There is one outside corner on a wall that was originally plastered with a big bullnose curve, about a 2 or 3 inch radius. We intended on keeping that detail so we stopped the drywall at the edge of the bull nose and i am now ready to fill in and hand shape that bullnose.

Can i build up layers of joint compound over metal lath or do i need to do a traditional 3 layer plaster job.

I have never mixed or worked plaster but am very familiar with using and working the premixed joint compound. I need to build out a depth of about 1.25 inches so i am concerned about the joint compound not being hard enough.
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Hopefully one of our plaster pros will chime in shortly.

Joint compound isn't a suitable product for what you want to do. Plaster over lath starts out with a brown coat. I don't know if you can could substitute a setting compound.
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I have done it .But I used the Yellow stick on tape to help fill in and build up. Can you get the drywall board to bend around it for you. A light spray on one side of the dry wall and it will bend over night. Or could you cut 1" wide strips and fill in up and down the round that way with mud and tape on top of that .
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I couldn't get the board to bend around the curve becuase it was too tight. i could potentially fill in with vertical strips of drywall around the face so the curve so that i would be using much less drywall mud.

I'll think more about that but if any plaster pros out there could explain the plaster process i would need to do that would be great. with 2 inch thickness would i need 2 layers of lath and scratch coat? I have read that the first to coats go on in 3/8" layers.
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With drywall at this rounded corner.....I have no experience with plaster....But I would assume the hot mix Durabond would work here with a rounded corner bead. I would have liked to see the original picture as to what you are trying to archive.
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Well i can't use the rounded corner bead becuase that is a radius of less than an inch. My curve radius is between 2 and 4 inches.

I'll post a picture this weekend.

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