Large scratches in drywall


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I have read in this area how to repair larger holes in dry wall, however, my new puppy has taken to scratching the wall so my problem is not an actual hole, but very irregular digs that do not go completely through. An associate told me about a method called a "Hot Patch". Is anyone familar with this method and which is better
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I do not know about Hot Patch, but I would recommand vinyl spackling. It comes in pints or quarts, and all you need to install it is a putty knife. It is white and paints excellent. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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I have heard a fast-setting taping compound called "hot mud" or "hot patch" so that may be what you were being told about. But Jack's recommendation for the spackling is the way to go. Apply it with a putty knife so that the scratches are filled flush with the surface, and then sand lightly after the spackling is DRY. If the spackling in the deepest scratches shrinks when it dries, it might take 2 coats, but good spackle shouldn't shrink enough in a scratch to need it.

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